Saturday, January 29, 2011


Okay, we all know that when we are used to doing something daily then we are just set into our comfort zone. And typically you don't want to come out of that comfort zone. I have done two photo shoots this month for three clients and I must say they were so much fun. I am so in my element that I could just pinch myself. I will be posting some photos from the photo shoots soon. My clients were very much in their comfort zones but I pulled them out to try something new and different. Comfort zone? What is it? Getting out of your comfort zone can make things worthwhile and more interesting. Comfort zone is our living, work and social environments that we have grown to be accustomed too. Your comfort zone determines a lot of things in your life. Examples- friends, associates, etc.... Comfort zones are related to your dreams and goals. For you to grow and change, you have to be willing to step out of your current comfort zone. If you are wanting to start your own business, a new career, a new job, a new project, etc.... you have to be willing to try new things. If you imagine yourself being and having the things that you want then you will see yourself in a different light. And you will be able to step out of your comfort zone to create a new YOU. "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." So, I went into detail about comfort zone because I don't want anyone to miss out on something so special because they are stuck in there comfort zone. As, a stylist and interior decorator I can see a vision for you that you would not have chosen yourself but that is the beauty of having someone else's input. That is the fun part of my job and that is creating something so beautiful and something to make you come out of your comfort zone so you can see something new. And having such great clients that trust me to do my job makes it even more rewarding. MY PURPOSE, MY PASSION!!!!

Come on and get out of your comfort zone. You just might shock yourself and really like it!!!

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today I was in Target (One of my favorite stores). Some people love them some Wal-Mart but me I love me some Target!!!!! So, I was actually in target to get me some more workout pants and of course I had to walk past the home goods area. The first thing to catch my eyes was these beautiful pillows.

Yellow and Grey pillow!!!!!!

Grey and Yellow!!!!!!

Finding these pillows have given me my next project. Now I am going to decorate one of my guest bedrooms upstairs Yellow and Grey!!!!!! My vision is to paint the walls this Yellow that is in the pillows. And I'm going to order a new bed (Grey Suede). WOW!!! I am so excited about this new project.

Daisy is the name of this YELLOW paint from Home Depot. I think it is going to match perfectly.

So, I will update you all as I am working on my new project!!! But, It looks like I have a great start and focal point.  Do something different this year? Add a lot of COLOR!!!!!!

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ladies you must take the time out and do something for yourself. We have so many roles in life - mother, daughter, wife, auntie, boss, CEO, VP, DM, friend, best friend, counselor, cook, housewife, teacher, etc.... I could go on and on with the roles that we carry in life. But, I must say that I LOVE BEING ME!!! And I love pampering myself. I used to just be so busy that I didn't take the time to do anything special for myself. But, I do so much and we all do that we deserve some pampering ALL THE TIME!!! Now, I used to wear the acrylic tips on my nails for years. So, you acrylic wearing ladies know that sometimes you can stretch out your time at going to get them filled. Well, about 2 months ago I took my acrylics off and started getting a mani and pedi every week. WOW, it was a whole new world.... I change my color like every two weeks and I go and get them redone every week. I must say that I love my own nails and I am loving the playing with the colors it gives me a little extra UMMMph..... I used to just get the french on my nails and toes when I had the acrylics, can you believe I never got color all those years. OMG!!!!! I so love the different colors I choose on my nails and toes now......So, ladies don't forget to take the time to PAMPER yourself because YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist

This is my Mani and Pedi color of the week!!!!! What do you ladies think about my color choice?


Monday, January 17, 2011

"Girl Gotta Have'Em Shoes"

I figured I would try to narrow down which shoes I wanted to wear and that would help me with my statement for the fashion show. So, I just so happened to find some while I was shopping yesterday and I don't know if they will be the one to attend the fashion show with me but you never know. You know a shoe can make an outfit go from an outfit to a fashion statement. And I am all about making a FASHION STATEMENT!!!!  A stiletto heel is a long, thin, high heel found on some boots and shoes. The name came from stiletto dagger, the phrase being first recorded in the early 1930s. Not all high slim heels merit the description stiletto.

These are my Flirty Pink Stilettos!!!!!!

These are the Ms. Attitude and that is because they are RED and that alone is a SHOW STOPPER!! HOT!!!!!!

Neutral Heels are in and they make just about any outfit say UMMMMM..... These are Leather and Suede so you can wear them anytime you want.

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist

"Girl Gotta Have'Em Shoes"

I couldn't forget about the all famous SEXY black stiletto. When I seen these shoes they had just came out and yes they were regular price but I just had to have them.... When you think of BLACK what do you think of? To me BLACK is SEXY, CLASSY, SOULFUL, I can go on all day. When it comes to fashion you can never go wrong with anything in BLACK. Check this pair of my  SEXY BLACK stilettos out and let me know what you think?


I just had to show the detail on these SEXY thangs here... The flowers that are a soft satin material with Black Onxy in the middle are just so me (Dainty).....

Dainty is exquisite, delicately beautiful, charming, pretty, delicious......
Black is classy, sexy, dainty, soulful, charming, pretty, delicious, delicately beautiful.....

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I will be attending the Entertainment and Fashion Night Out on January 21, 2010 in HOT ATLANTA!!! EFNO will bring to you the latest fashions with celebrity fashion designer StevieBoi. The NY native haute couture mastermind has designed for Lady Gaga, Angel Lola Love, Patty Labelle, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, and many more. He also had his first show case at NY Fashion Week in the Spring/Summer Collection back in September 2010. StevieBoi has showcased his new line all over the world and recently signed a contract to launch a luxury line in the beginning of Spring 2011!!!!!! So, I have just got my ticket for the fashion show and I am so ready to give you all the exclusive hot fashions for 2011. Yes, this also gives me the excuse to BUY a new outfit, shoes, accessories..... Well, I guess us fashionistas don't really need a excuse to shop but if the SHOE fits~~~~~ WELL, the SHOE FITS me just like FASHION does..... Kandi Burruss (Xscape, Real Housewives of Atlanta) will be performing at the fashion show as well. And I know I will be stopping by her boutique (TAGS) to see what I can add to my closet. I just might find something for the event....

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist

Manifest Parlor & Club Primal presents Entertainment & Fashion Night Out on January 21, 2010!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Just wanted to add my favorite app TRU!!!!!

Of course you know that I love fashion and I always said that Fashion and Technology go together. Well here is an app for the iphone, ipad, itouch for those that like to stay in style.... The app is called POSE- A New IPhone FashionApp. It looks like everyone is realizing that Technology and fashion go together. This app will allow you to take your fashion shopping to another level. The app also allows you to take a picture of your fabulous fashion find and share it via the app, twitter and facebook.

The “Pose” is taking your shopping spree to another level, so would you consider using this app?

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Who came up with the rule that you can't wear white until after Labor Day? Well, I don't know but I remember being told that all of my life. But, hey I believe that everyone has their own style and you can do with it what feels right to you. As long as you feel good about it then your good. Again, I am a true believer if "you look good, you feel good". Does your STYLE show your ATTITUDE? Or does STYLE show that you OWN YOUR OWN CONFIDENCE!!!!! I say that my STYLE shows that I OWN MY OWN CONFIDENCE and it shows my ATTITUDE TOO!!!!!!!

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist

WOW, it just so happens that I match the chair in my foyer. Now, this chair has got some style it so sets off  a sense of style when you first walk into my house. It is one of the first things that you see.

Look at those RED BOTTOMS!!!!HAHA I am so loving the red and black shoes to add some extra UMMMMph to the outfit.

At the office in my WHITE pants in JANUARY. 

Shaunie O'Neal has on her white shoes and white dress. I love those shoes with a little bit of a grey tip on them. HOTTNESS!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I just love @Kandi's (Kandi Burress from the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA) boutique Tags it is located in Smyrna, Georgia. The jacket that I am wearing in these pics is from her boutique. I really like the fact that every time I go to the boutique that there is new merchandise. And that there are usually only 1 to 3 of each item. So, therefore you will not see yourself around town. I don't know about you but I don't like to see myself all over the place. If you are not in the atlanta area then you can go to the website which is WWW.TAGSATL.COM and you can purchase from the website. This is such a nice cozy boutique. "ONE DAY" I want to have my own boutique. Well, one day I will have my own boutique. OH... I forgot to let you all know that Tags also has men clothing so it's not just for women. You can get you something ladies and get your boo something too....

Yes, my ring and my nail polish match..... Did I plan that? NO, I just have STYLE!!!

The black ring on the right hand is also from tags boutique. I just love this ring tooo.

Gathered Metallic Short Jacket from Tags Boutique. WWW.TAGSATL.COM. (Kandi Burress's Boutique) I just love this jacket it is so different and that is what makes it so unique to me.

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist


Back to the adventure. Yes, I have more pictures to share with you all on this wedding dress and bridesmaid dress adventure.

This is the perfect reception dress.

This is also a perfect reception dress.

Now how did I get stuck being the model to try on the dresses. A stylists has a lot of roles..... Plus I loved the fact that Prascilla's Bridal (Downtown Atlanta) has a silk robe for you to put on in between you trying on other dresses. This is the first bridal place that I had been to that actually had that. I loved it!!!!

Mikkisha on the phone with her bridesmaids. (Decisions)

Mikkisha waiting to try on "THE DRESS"!!!!

Mikkisha still on the phone with her bridesmaids.



ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist


Hello fashionista's, Today was wedding dress and bridesmaid shopping day for one of my friends wedding. I will not be posting "THE DRESS" until she walks down the aisle (sand) it is TOP SECRET until then. But, I will share some great dresses that I found while we were on this search. So, just in case any of you ladies are going down the aisle then I got some hot dresses so let me know if you like and I will help you out for that beautiful day.

La Raine's Boutique (Downtown Atlanta)

I love the ribbon and bow on this one.

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Okay, Ladies this is such a HOT dress!!! JLo is really working this dress. And ladies you can too. This would be a great holiday dress for the start of a new year. This dress shows confidence and style.

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist


(Monica in Hot Pink and check out those Heels)

Well, ladies colors, colors, colors!!!!! It's time to get out of all of that black and brown. Let me help you bring in the new year in style and stay in style. Vibrant colors like blue, red, green, pink, yellow, etc. You ladies know what I mean by vibrant....

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist

(Toya Carter in Hot Pink)

(Tia and Tamera Mowery in Purple and Black)


Welcome to Innovative Stylez, I am so excited about sharing so many things with you all. Everyone that knows me knows that I have a extreme passion for fashion and interior decorating. It is just a HUGE gift that GOD has given me. So, many times my friends and family ask me why don't you open your own business and decorate. Well, I am going to let you all into my world so you can see how GOD has given me this beautiful gift. I truly believe that fashion and home designing is my purpose and my passion. Just seeing someone's face when I help them put together an outfit or help them with designing a room in their home just makes me all gushy inside. I am a firm believer that if "you look good, you feel good".

Do you have an event coming up and just don't know what to wear?
Do you need help with your wardrobe?
Do you want to change your look and upgrade your wardrobe?
Do you need help decorating your new or old home?

Just send me an email @
I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!!

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist