Monday, January 17, 2011

"Girl Gotta Have'Em Shoes"

I figured I would try to narrow down which shoes I wanted to wear and that would help me with my statement for the fashion show. So, I just so happened to find some while I was shopping yesterday and I don't know if they will be the one to attend the fashion show with me but you never know. You know a shoe can make an outfit go from an outfit to a fashion statement. And I am all about making a FASHION STATEMENT!!!!  A stiletto heel is a long, thin, high heel found on some boots and shoes. The name came from stiletto dagger, the phrase being first recorded in the early 1930s. Not all high slim heels merit the description stiletto.

These are my Flirty Pink Stilettos!!!!!!

These are the Ms. Attitude and that is because they are RED and that alone is a SHOW STOPPER!! HOT!!!!!!

Neutral Heels are in and they make just about any outfit say UMMMMM..... These are Leather and Suede so you can wear them anytime you want.

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist


  1. I also like peep toe shoes. Yours are gorgeous!

  2. Yes, I love peep toe shoes especially because I will have my mani and pedi and that makes the shoe POP even more..... Thanks for the feedback....