Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ladies you must take the time out and do something for yourself. We have so many roles in life - mother, daughter, wife, auntie, boss, CEO, VP, DM, friend, best friend, counselor, cook, housewife, teacher, etc.... I could go on and on with the roles that we carry in life. But, I must say that I LOVE BEING ME!!! And I love pampering myself. I used to just be so busy that I didn't take the time to do anything special for myself. But, I do so much and we all do that we deserve some pampering ALL THE TIME!!! Now, I used to wear the acrylic tips on my nails for years. So, you acrylic wearing ladies know that sometimes you can stretch out your time at going to get them filled. Well, about 2 months ago I took my acrylics off and started getting a mani and pedi every week. WOW, it was a whole new world.... I change my color like every two weeks and I go and get them redone every week. I must say that I love my own nails and I am loving the playing with the colors it gives me a little extra UMMMph..... I used to just get the french on my nails and toes when I had the acrylics, can you believe I never got color all those years. OMG!!!!! I so love the different colors I choose on my nails and toes now......So, ladies don't forget to take the time to PAMPER yourself because YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist

This is my Mani and Pedi color of the week!!!!! What do you ladies think about my color choice?



  1. I visited your site. Very nice, although I'm guess I'm not one of those who like to be instyle. I'm just a laid back kinda blue jean and sneakers gal! I will share with my friends...Great Job, Erica.:)

    Cortney Ross

  2. Ok.. Ms. Erica I love the site and the services you are offering. Live your dream to the fullest I am so proud of you... Ivory