Sunday, January 9, 2011


Who came up with the rule that you can't wear white until after Labor Day? Well, I don't know but I remember being told that all of my life. But, hey I believe that everyone has their own style and you can do with it what feels right to you. As long as you feel good about it then your good. Again, I am a true believer if "you look good, you feel good". Does your STYLE show your ATTITUDE? Or does STYLE show that you OWN YOUR OWN CONFIDENCE!!!!! I say that my STYLE shows that I OWN MY OWN CONFIDENCE and it shows my ATTITUDE TOO!!!!!!!

ERICA BAEZ COLON – the stylist

WOW, it just so happens that I match the chair in my foyer. Now, this chair has got some style it so sets off  a sense of style when you first walk into my house. It is one of the first things that you see.

Look at those RED BOTTOMS!!!!HAHA I am so loving the red and black shoes to add some extra UMMMMph to the outfit.

At the office in my WHITE pants in JANUARY. 

Shaunie O'Neal has on her white shoes and white dress. I love those shoes with a little bit of a grey tip on them. HOTTNESS!!!

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